SAFMA on Mumbai Attacks

Islamabad, Feb. 4 : The South Asian Free Media Association (Safma) has asked the Pakistan government not to mask the reality behind the Mumbai massacre and root out terrorism from its soil.

Addressing a press conference here, Safma Secretary-General Imtiaz Alam said that the Pakistan government must ensure that the terror camps operating inside its territory are dismantled.

“There should be no cover-up,” The News quoted Alam, as saying.

Alam lamented that both India and Pakistan were suffering from the menace of terrorism, and have became a hostage of the wrongdoings of militants.

He also asked the Pakistani authorities to bring the perpetrators of the Mumbai attack to book as soon as possible, and to make the investigations of the attack public.

Alam, while urging the leadership of both India and Pakistan to work together to thwart terrorism from the region said: “The two countries must join hands, as the common threat of militancy could not be handled alone.”

He hoped that the composite peace dialogues between the two neighbour countries would soon be re-started, which were halted after the Mumbai mayhem. (ANI)



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