Open Challenge to SAFMA to prove Quaid-e-Azam secular!

Its and open  challenge for these Zionists of SAFMA to produce one single speech of Quaid e Azam where he said that Pakistan must be a secular state!!
 Alhamdolillah, every patriotic Pakistani Muslim can produce hundreds of speeches before and after the creation of Pakistan where Quaid categorically said Islam, Quran and Sunnah would be our constitution. Liaqat Ali khan was one of our founding fathers and he also passed Objective resolution in 1949!
These SAFMA Zionists say that Allama Iqbal had no role in making of Pakistan, astaghfurullah! Below I am posting an extract from a letter. Just read this and see how bloody liars these SAFMA Zionists are. Quaid has himself said that Iqbal was his spiritual force and personal friend and the philosopher behind the Pakistan movement. These RAW backed Zionists are afraid of Iqbal and his spiritual vision.
Allama Iqbal wrote a letter to Quaid on 28th May, 1937 in which he clearly told him the game plan according to which Pakistan was to be created:
“Happily there is a solution in the enforcement of the Law of Islam and its further development in the light of modern ideas. After a long and careful study of Islamic Law I have come to the conclusion that if this system of Law is properly understood and applied, at last the right to subsistence is secured to everybody. But the enforcement and development of the Shariat of Islam is impossible in this country without a free Muslim state or states……. The Congress President has denied the political existence of Muslims in no unmistakable terms. The other Hindu political body, i.e., the Mahasabha, whom I regard as the real representative of the masses of the Hindus, has declared more than once that a united Hindu-Muslim nation is impossible in India. In these circumstances it is obvious that the only way to a peaceful India is redistribution of the country on the lines of racial, religious and linguistic affinities”

Allama Iqbal wrote another letter to Quaid in June 1937 in which he said: “To my mind the new constitution with its ides of a single Indian federation is completely hopeless. A separate federation of Muslim provinces reformed on the lines I have suggested above, is the only course by which we can secure a peaceful India and save Muslims from the domination of non-Muslims. Why should not the Muslims of North-West India and Bengal be considered as nation entitled to Self-determination just as other nation as in India and outside India are?”

Baba Iqbal, even directed Quaid Azam on the foreign policy and issues of the Muslim world way back in 30’s. The Palestinian issue was raised by Quaid on the instructions of Iqbal. Eveyr step Quaid took was on the directions, guidance and encourangeemtn of Baba Iqbal. After passing the Lahore resolution for Pakistan, Quaid visited the muqam of baba Iqbal and said that we have done exactly what Allama Iqbal had asked us to do! read below what Iqbal had said to Quaid!
“The Palestine question is very much agitating the minds of the Muslims. I have no doubt that the League will pass a strong resolution on this question and also by holding a private conference of the leaders. Personally I would not mind going to jail on an issue which affects both Islam and India. The formation of a Western base on the very gates of the East is a menace to both” Iqbal to Quaid 1937. Imagine, Iqbal even wanted to go to jail for this critical issue of Ummah!
Marvi said that the Pakistan resolution was actually called Lahore Resolution, Mind you marvi, the name Pakistan Resolution was exclusively given by the hostile Hindu Press, the hindus with whom she wants friendly relations!

A video response to SAFMA by a patriot:

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4 thoughts on “Open Challenge to SAFMA to prove Quaid-e-Azam secular!

  1. Pakistan was founded by our founding fathers as a south asian platform to make a worldwide struggle for Glories Islamic Renaissance.So there should must be a Islamic social,economic & political system on “khilafat-e-rashida model” in Islamic Republic of Pakistan”.

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