Secularism will not be accepted in Pakistan- A patriot’s reactions

I am not a writer. I probably learned to hate writing before I learned to crawl properly. Yet here I am, willingly writing down my thoughts on a Friday morning. I haven’t slept a wink the whole night. I haven’t been able to. There is just too much going on in my head for the past few hours and writing it down feels like a good idea at the moment.

Watching SAFMA’s Marvi Sirmed on Shahid Nama last evening didn’t do wonders for my insomnia. Some things are making sense but most are not. Now before anyone starts to blame me of being an ISI agent or Zaid Hamid’s fan, let’s make one thing clear. I believe in appreciating the truth and bashing lies, no matter who says it. It’s the message that is important, not the speaker.

Now you will ask what was it exactly that was so disturbing in Thursday’s Shahid Nama? Surprisingly, it isn’t what most of you would expect it to be. It wasn’t the fact that Sirmed and her SAFMA team reject the two nation’s theory. Sirmed’s lack of enthusiasm to talk about the Indian army’s war crimes in Kashmir when she had no reservations about blaming Pakistani army for doing the same in East Pakistan (which merely is a self-fabricated lie) wasn’t it either. Allama Iqbal supposedly having no part in the creation of Pakistan didn’t shock me either. What shocked me was one statement by Srimed: “We will succeed …and…Pakistan will be a secular nation, Insha Allah.”

It isn’t about what Allama Iqbal wanted. It isn’t about whether Jinnah was secular or not. It is about what Islam demands and what Allama Iqbal and Jinnah have been following and told us to follow. I was an atheist for a few years and have started coming back to Islam recently only. I don’t know much about Islam yet but hearing those words made me feel like I was being bruised badly enough. Any Muslim, no matter how little he knows about Islam, has heard about the presence of an Islamic system of governance in the reign of Hazrat Umar (R.A). A detailed study would inform you about the importance and requirement of governing yourself according to the Quran and Sunnah. This Islamic system was made by Allah and prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for muslims and Pakistan was meant to be run by this system as the great Quaid said:

“We didn’t demand Pakistan only to have a piece of land, but we wanted a laboratory where we could experiment on Islamic principles”

Did the muslims of today lose their faith so much that now the members of well known media organizations such as SAFMA are publicly declaring their intention to go to war with the system that was given to us by Allah? On the day of judgement, when Allah asks the people who wanted a secular nation that why they spent their lives working against the Islamic system that he designed for us, what will we answer? Will those of us who are secular be able to do anything but feel shame?

SAFMA has publicly declared in Shahid Nama that they are against Allah’s system by wanting to make Pakistan a secular nation. They are not only attacking the Islamic system created by Allah and his last messenger but are also encouraging the youth of this country which has been created only to be run by the Islamic system to reject it as well.

Qudratullah Shahab (R.A) clearly said:

 Pakistan has NO escape from Islam!

SAFMA, on behalf of the Pakistani youth, I am warning you. Don’t fight with Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and this Pak Sarzameen. Don’t corrupt the minds of our youth by spewing your hatred for an Islamic system and promoting a secular system made by Non-Muslims. You can try all you want but Allah is not willing for you to succeed in your mission of making Pakistan a secular nation. Allah wants us to follow an Islamic system not a secular one. We are Muslims! And we will live under an Islamic state, Insha Allah.


Written by: Huma Anam


6 thoughts on “Secularism will not be accepted in Pakistan- A patriot’s reactions

  1. Is it ok for you if India declared itself a hindu state and treat muslims as second class citizens? If it’s, then i will agree with you. With love from India

  2. My Appeal To All Patriotic Pakistanis Is To Boycott All These Media Heavy Weights Who Have Sold Their Souls To India and USA and Expose Them At Every Available Chance

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