Marvi Sirmed of SAFMA abusing Meher Bokhari and others on twitter

In the following screenshot taken from the profile of Marvi Sermid on twitter, she is clearly calling Meher Bokhari a “Bigoted Bitch

Now, in the following screenshots, she is abusing common users:

Link to original Twitter post.


SAFMA’s conspiracies against Pak Army and ISI

SPECIAL REPORT | Friday | 23 December 2011

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Here is an interesting sequence of events that shows how Pakistan’s military and its main foreign intelligence-gathering agency, the ISI, are targeted from the inside by a group of Pakistanis conspiring against a vital pillar of the State.

One day, a group of Pakistanis linked to foreign embassies decides to launch a legal campaign to oust and prosecute the two generals that lead the army and the ISI.

The next day, a rights group based in Hong Kong issues a detailed slanderous paper full of lies and insinuations against our military, mirroring and endorsing biased and motivated propaganda coming from foreign countries. Of course, the Pakistani viewpoint is not reflected in the document. Continue reading