Marvi Sirmed of SAFMA abusing Meher Bokhari and others on twitter

In the following screenshot taken from the profile of Marvi Sermid on twitter, she is clearly calling Meher Bokhari a “Bigoted Bitch

Now, in the following screenshots, she is abusing common users:

Link to original Twitter post.


Marvi Sirmed takes a cheap shot at Pakistan Army

A die heart supporter of SAFMA’s policies, Marvi Sirmed takes another cheap shot at the noble institution of Pakistan on her Twitter today:


Her today’s (re)tweets also give a reason as to why she and the traitor organization SAFMA are against the ideology of Pakistan and Two Nation Theory. In one of her re-tweets she endorsed the opinion of one Dr. Waseem Maghlani where they want to get rid of Pakistan being an independent, sovereign and separate country by starting off with the formation of All India Muslim League’s formation in 1906 which led to the creation of a separate homeland for Muslims of subcontinent (that is we Pakistanis) by our beloved Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.