A comprehensive video response to SAMFA


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The RAW Funded Nexus In Pakistani Media-SAFMA Exposed


Yesterday on 25 Aug 2011, The program Shahidnama that was shown which completely exposed the true agenda of Aman ki Asha initiators and SAFMA.
The debate was between SAFMA, Aman ki Asha and UNDP Official Marvi Sirmed and the defence analyst Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid.
Zaid Hamid as usual was defending Pakistan’s ideology, but the extreme hatred of these SAFMA officials towards Zaid Hamid showed its true color. It is no that they hate him for some personal reason, it is completely an ideological clash, the ideology which is the root of the creation of Pakistan and on which every true Pakistani should believe in. The name of that ideology is two-nation theory.

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Beena Sarwar of SAFMA and ex-RAW chief

Beena Sarwar is among the founders of SAFMA – A Media forum that is deeply penetrated by Indian agents working as journalists, imposing a “cultural” and “ideological” warfare in our main stream media. Here is one of her discussions with previous RAW chief Vikram Sood bashing Pakistani patriots and people who are against Indian atrocities. She shares and retweets Vikram Sood’s anti-Pakistan articles yet claims to be a Patriot (with deviant Ideology).

The actual Twitter interaction: https://twitter.com/#!/aceiqbalismail/status/185266245464096768

Marvi Sirmed takes a cheap shot at Pakistan Army

A die heart supporter of SAFMA’s policies, Marvi Sirmed takes another cheap shot at the noble institution of Pakistan on her Twitter today:

Source: http://twitter.com/#!/marvisirmed/status/174796718402052096

Her today’s (re)tweets also give a reason as to why she and the traitor organization SAFMA are against the ideology of Pakistan and Two Nation Theory. In one of her re-tweets she endorsed the opinion of one Dr. Waseem Maghlani where they want to get rid of Pakistan being an independent, sovereign and separate country by starting off with the formation of All India Muslim League’s formation in 1906 which led to the creation of a separate homeland for Muslims of subcontinent (that is we Pakistanis) by our beloved Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

SAFMA’s conspiracies against Pak Army and ISI

SPECIAL REPORT | Friday | 23 December 2011

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Here is an interesting sequence of events that shows how Pakistan’s military and its main foreign intelligence-gathering agency, the ISI, are targeted from the inside by a group of Pakistanis conspiring against a vital pillar of the State.

One day, a group of Pakistanis linked to foreign embassies decides to launch a legal campaign to oust and prosecute the two generals that lead the army and the ISI.

The next day, a rights group based in Hong Kong issues a detailed slanderous paper full of lies and insinuations against our military, mirroring and endorsing biased and motivated propaganda coming from foreign countries. Of course, the Pakistani viewpoint is not reflected in the document. Continue reading